How to make your breasts bigger with flax seeds

A little known food item that is packed with phytoestrogens is flax seeds. Unless you’ve been milling around the health and wellness world for a while, you probably haven’t heard too much about them. These small seeds are similar to sesame seeds and have the necessary properties to help boost your boobs by promoting the same results as estrogen. Want to know how to make your breasts bigger with flax seeds? All you need to do is whip up some of these easy, healthy crackers and turn them into your favorite snack.

Flax Seed Basics

Before you dive into the world of making your own snack crackers, there are a few things about flaxseed which you should know. First, when flaxseed is mixed with a few tablespoons of water and left to sit, the water draws out a syrup like substance. This creates the base for making any type of cracker you can imagine. All you have to do is add additional seeds and herbs to the mixture and allow the flaxseed syrup to bind everything together. The second thing you should know is that order for you to get the most benefits from eating flaxseeds for breast enhancement, they should be in raw. While many people associate the idea of raw food with something that is uncooked, these crackers can actually be “cooked” at low temperatures in the oven to create a similar process to dehydrating.

Cracker Ideas

Start by mixing one cup of flaxseed with 3 tablespoons of water and allow the mixture to set for 20 minutes. When you return you will see the syrup like substance mentioned above. At this point you can add just about any ingredient you would like. For a pizza flavored cracker, try a little bit of garlic salt, tomato paste, and cheese flavoring. If you prefer the sweet route, add a pinch of cinnamon sugar to the blend. Bake in your oven at 150-degrees for three hours until completely dry. Or, you can bake in a food dehydrator for 12 hours.