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Get Anything Online… Anything

It is just surprising what kind of things you might find when you are online shopping. The fun about online shopping is that these stores can stock even those things that you would normally feel to be completely unsellable. How about buying someone’s belly button lint? Or hair from their ears? Or a celebrity’s saliva? Well, all of this and more is available on… you guessed it… the Internet.

What makes the Internet a place where such things can be sold? We think it is the certain degree of anonymity that the net provides to the seller. When you are selling on a portal like eBay, you have your profile made and you give an address too, but that can easily be faked, can’t it? That’s the reason why people dare to sell such things on the net. Also, in a similar fashion, the Internet becomes the place to buy things anonymously, which works great especially if you are looking for something that is frowned upon. Recently, an antique hand-cranked dildo was sold on eBay to prove our point!

Then there are those things that you shouldn’t really be selling because they are plumb offensive to some people. But you will find them on the net without any problem. There was a vulgarly obese statue of Arnold Schwarzenegger sold some time ago, and the Obama Toilet Paper is a rage too. Not to say we approve of such kinds of sales, but they are happening. Also, that’s the wonder of being a part of a democratic nation. No one can stop you from selling anything, except probably if you have killed someone to get it.

So, if you are looking for something that’s highly elusive, you know where to find it the next time. Be ready to shell out a good sum of money though, for these rarities don’t come cheap.