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Imagining a Huge Event without a Video Wall

The video walls have become so commonplace in today’s times that it is almost impossible to think how people used to pull off big events before this technology was invented. Till a few years ago, when these video walls were not so easily available or were not so cheap, event organizers used to make do with projector screens. Those included those white screens with a projector somewhere in the distance that would project images onto the screen. Of course these were not live images, and that was a whole big handicap in itself.

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There was also the problem of those ungainly shadows of people falling on the screens. Anyone standing in the path would block the display and that would cause a lot of boos from the audience.

And what about those events that did not have these projector screens even? Those events were definitely quite difficult to manage. First and foremost, the stage used to be so far from the audiences that the audiences could never see what was happening on the stage. This would lead to a lot of detachment of the main event from the audience, especially those who sat at a considerable distance, and that would cause them to try and amuse themselves in other ways. Often this used to cause considerable ruckus in the back ranks of the stage and disrupt the main event also.

Today, with the LED video wall, we have the ability to project the main events of the stage onto the large screen, which builds an instant connect with the audience. Even the slightest nuance is not away from the audience. Everyone feels that the event is happening just for them, and that really makes even a mundane event quite a big success. Indeed, in this world when video walls have become so common, it is quite difficult to imagine a time when they did not exist.

Teenagers need their guardian attention and guidance


If you are intruding of your kids or teenagers web activities or you want to spy on them without being noticed, so here you end there are lots of mobile tracking apps in the market by which you can easily track their locations, web activities, even whom they are speaking to all the time. These applications taken in a constructive way can alarm the guardians at the right time about their kids activities. But if not taken can leak out your personal data in the market so, this needs to be handled with care and attention. These applications are very simple to use and does not impact on your battery life. So if you are looking out for your deviant teenager this can be a resort for you to end up. These applications are like subscription services for monthly, quarterly and yearly basis. You can install and keep on renewing them from time to time. But as a parent, you need to take care that this application should not affect your relationships with your kids as if he or she get to know about their personal details passing to you, they can be aggressive or turn out to be extremely paranoid at times.

For tracking your kid this can be a perfect solution as you can keep a record of almost everything which they access on their mobile. A trust is a factor which should not be broken between you two. And of course, as a guardian you will be careful of this age of your teenager. So, guide them and you can discuss their social media life and steps that need to be taken care of before being LIVE on the internet . Discussing with them will make your bond stronger and they will love to confide their little secrets in you.