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Get familiar with all the right angles for Hot selfies

If you want to take a great selfie, there are a surprising amount of things to keep in mind to get the greatest shot! Whereas most photo shoots have makeup artists, photographers, and stylists working with models, you have to do all these jobs at once!

A super easy trick for getting constant hot selfies is to know your angles. First of all, be familiar with what different angles look like in photographs. Front facing photos are obviously the easiest to take, but this doesn’t flatter most faces, and you may not be confident enough with your camera to be able to negotiate a casual side-profile selfie.

The thing is, since all faces are different, there is no one perfect angle that works for everyone. You’ll have to spend some time knowing what makes your face look its best.

Since most of your early selfies will be a variation of front facing, practice raising and lowering your chin to see the effect it has on your face shape. If you want to reduce a double chin, try stretching out your neck and pushing your shoulders down. From that position you can try facing different ways to see which looks best.

The height you hold your camera at will also help with your angles and can even affect the message you want to convey. Taking photos from higher points looking down at you can have a slimming effect, but it can also make you look younger and more innocent. Shooting from lower angles can make you seem more confident, but it can also accentuate problem areas you might want to hide.

To get familiar with you best angles, practice in the mirror and in photos as much as possible. You’ll get more comfortable with the poses and they’ll seem more natural when it’s time to shoot.