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Arrested for DUI? Hire a DUI Attorney

Being arrested for any crime is a tricky situation. Not only do you have to deal with the initial problems, such as getting bailed out of jail and figuring out your potential court dates, but you must worry about whether or not you are going to be found guilty of the crime. When it comes to DUI arrests, it is even more important to hire a dui attorney so that you are not in a precarious position.

Even if you are adamant that you were not intoxicated at the time of your arrest, it does not make sense to go to court without a lawyer. You will have no clue how the system works, which will put you at a distinct disadvantage. You must remember that the other side will present their case against you, with the intention of having you convicted of the crime. Unless you are equally prepared, you will suffer.

Attorneys are very helpful in any matter related to a DUI arrest. If you do not have an attorney on retainer at the time of your arrest, you would do well to contact one as soon as you are released from jail after your initial arrest. In most DUI arrests, individuals are let out with no bail amounts. If the arrest is a real serious incident, a small bail amount may be included.

What you really need the attorney for is to handle the aftermath of your arrest. A court date is usually set when you must present your case to a judge, with the other side doing the same. Your attorney can speak to a few people on the other side and figure out whether they are going after you, or whether they are willing to settle the matter.

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These are the types of connections you can only get with a proper attorney.